Security Awareness Training

Proactively security awareness training for your employees on cybersecurity best practices to protect your business

The Importance of Security Awareness Training

Nearly all successful cyber attacks require a user at a victim organization to make a mistake. From being tricked into giving away critical information via social engineering campaigns, to misconfigurations due to more technical users viewing security as an afterthought, security awareness training (SAT) has a place at all organizations of varying security maturity.

With a properly managed SAT program, your users go from being liabilities to acting as a human firewall immersed in security culture. Plus, SAT is usually a requirement of today’s leading cybersecurity compliance frameworks.

Why work with Buchanan for your SAT program?

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Features of Security Awareness Training Provided by Buchanan

Manage Your Security Awareness Training

The average business has dozens upon dozens of security tools to worry about. Trust Buchanan to manage your most important tools for you. With a fully staffed Security Operations Center, Buchanan provides 24/7/365 support for our managed SAT clients. This support includes an initial consultation to understand your business goals and environment, implementation support and even full implementation for our managed services customers, configuration changes and updates, and alert response by our Quick Reaction Force.

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