The Biggest Differences Between EDR vs MDR

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Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of protecting digital information and assets due to the cardinal digital shift — and the risks that come with it.

According to statistics, every third US company has invested in cyber liability and data-breach insurance coverage.

A business can protect against cyber threats by opting for managed detection and response (MDR) or endpoint detection and response (EDR). Both these methods enable an organization to benefit from security solutions to protect IT infrastructure. However, both these solutions have their differences and come with their own benefits.

Let’s take a deeper look at MDR vs EDR so you can decide which method is best for enhancing the security posture of your business.

Understanding Differences Between EDR vs MDR

Both EDR and MDR help keep business data secure using the latest technological advancements. However, both these solutions follow different core processes.

When opting for endpoint detection and response, it enables the protection of specific endpoints. On the other hand, managed detection and response is a full service that not only provides consistent security monitoring but also IT management across an IT infrastructure.

In many cases, when opting for MDR with a managed services provider, EDR tools often come as part of the security package.

MDR vs EDR: What is EDR?

Endpoint detection response solutions focus on improving efficiency in detecting cyber threats by increasing the visibility at an endpoint. EDR incorporates the prevention, detection, and proper response to a threat into a single solution.


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What Are the Pros of EDR?

There are several benefits to opting for endpoint detection response solutions for business.

The top benefits of EDR include the following:

1. Endpoint Security

With remote work on the rise and more employees using personal devices to carry out essential work tasks, EDR provides much-needed security. Through threat detection and response at organization endpoints, EDR gives an enhanced level of endpoint protection and security to ensure business data remains safe.

2. Machine Identification of Anomalies

EDR uses the latest technologies and digital software to detect any anomalies and system-critical errors at an endpoint. By identifying anomalies early on and taking action, the chances of losing data to third parties or suffering from cyber threats can be significantly reduced.

3. Information Retention and Log Aggregation

Endpoint detection response systems also come with the benefit of log aggregation of data as well as machine learning to analyze the data. This storing and analyzing of information provides organizations with information on the current state of an endpoint so any anomalies or issues are detected and rectified right away.

EDR solutions are a great way to protect endpoints from cyber threats, however, MDR is another cybersecurity option that can enhance the security posture of your business.

EDR vs MDR: What is MDR?

Managed detection response services are offered by providers and are a thorough IT security and management option. This comprehensive cybersecurity solution is a good choice for organizations who want to partner with an MSP or third-party service to remotely take over the management of their in-house security infrastructure.

If a business opts for MDR solutions, they gain access to expert personnel, trained IT security teams, and state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools that better protect infrastructure.

The top benefits of MDR include the following:

1. Access to Expert Assistance and Skills

Since there is so much on the line when it comes to managing the security of IT infrastructure and protecting sensitive data, entities need to make sure that IT is being handled by someone who understands IT and what they’re doing.

By opting for MDR solutions, a skilled team of professional technicians handles IT and cybersecurity needs. Knowing this, a company can rest assured that the risk of false positives is reduced, and that all the required protocols are executed properly.

2. Around-The-Clock Monitoring

MDR providers also offer 24/7 monitoring. When opting for MDR solutions, businesses enjoy the benefits of continuous monitoring for any security issues, thereby minimizing the risk of losing sensitive data.

3. Active Threat Detection and Response

Active threat hunting is also an important part of MDR services.

By actively searching for possible intrusions and mitigating their chances of causing harm, organizations enjoy better data security and protection. MDR providers have trained staff members on board to swiftly initiate an incident response to any alerts or potential advanced threats.

As the dynamic world of cyber threats and cybersecurity continues to change rapidly, MDR providers stay on top of the game and provide organizations with everything they need for data protection.

4. Save on Costs

Opting for MDR solutions from a professional provider can help reduce IT costs by lowering the cost of hiring and managing an in-house team.

According to a recent study conducted by CompTIA, 46% of organizations that opted for managed services provider IT services were able to cut their costs by 25% or more. 50% of organizations that opted for IT MSP services cut their costs by 1%-24%.

Is MDR or EDR Better for My Business?

Both MDR and EDR offer their own benefits to organizations.

EDR is better suited for those looking specifically to enhance their endpoint security, whereas MDR is a better option for those looking for a comprehensive IT management and security service to protect their business data.

It is important to keep in mind that an MDR service will likely include EDR solutions as a part of the IT security packages offered, so by opting for the right MDR solutions, one can get the best of both worlds.


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