IT Automation Services Increases Efficiency and Cuts Costs

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Robotic Process Automation is Changing IT Services

The vast majority of businesses utilize desktop technicians or IT specialist to manage and control their IT infrastructure. This involves manually controlling updates, backups, and dealing with troubleshooting end-user issues by teams that may not have time to spare. However, with modern software and the world of robotics, we’ve learned to automate processes to cut down the staff and time involved in simple routine maintenance by instead allowing an automatic system to address these concerns.

Buchanan Technologies’ Abbey is designed to simplify and automate the daily IT management process. It is an IT automation tool designed to handle simple IT requests, like automated password resets, account locks, and more, for customers to reduce the amount of staff and expenses used on simple tasks, or even automating difficult tasks. This massively reduces the amount of manpower and associated expenses necessary to maintain the IT infrastructure of a business.


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How does Abbey work?

Abbey is a robotic process automation (RPA) designed to handle repetitive tasks, tasks that take a long time to complete, actions that require immediate response/action, and actions that are under compliance of Sox, GDPR, NIST, HIPAA, and other regulatory requirements. She is a system designed to constantly grow and enhance a customers experience through reliable, predictable, and dependable operation and to automate and simplify daily IT maintenance needs like password resets and account unlocks.

The use of Abbey has initiated reports of a significant decrease in time spent handling repetitive maintenance tasks and increased productivity in other areas of the business. They no longer need to expend time and resources to maintain existing user accounts or needs at each location and can instead focus on growth and improvement.

Abbey is an artificial intelligence, so she is able to adapt and utilize new skills unique to each customer situation. We are continually building her knowledge base, so the tasks she can perform will only continue to expand.

Abbey works as an extension of your team. When a support ticket is initiated and it is a task Abbey can perform, she will complete the task and then close the ticket within the ticketing system. She then checks for new tasks to perform, and so on and so forth. If a task requires a human touch or more precise managing, she will pass the task on to our teams and we will respond immediately.

The Benefits

Automation as a Service (AaaS) is a fantastic tool for modern businesses to streamline and simplify their daily IT management needs. By utilizing AaaS tools to handle simple, time-consuming, but ultimately repetitive tasks businesses can free up their team members to handle more involved and precise needs, or just do more with less man power. You don’t need to utilize team members for active directory information or account decommissioning on a daily basis. By using Abbey alongside our existing on-call support staff, Buchanan can provide businesses with a completely hands-off approach to their IT infrastructure and allow them to focus on what they do best: running their business.

Abbey provides a variety of benefits to businesses, whether they’re using on-site IT staff or use a system like Buchanan’s remote IT service. Automated provisioning of resources and administration services through Abbey will reduce IT expense costs in both situations and reduce costs across the board. Since Abbey is an AaaS client, she can handle a large majority of automated services and provide a number of benefits to clients, such as:

  • Cut costs
  • Decrease or eliminate keying errors
  • Link applications
  • Speed up processes
  • Enforced compliance
  • Dual layer of security
  • Pass/fail reporting
  • Increase security of your environment
  • And more

Whether you have an on-site support team or utilize remote IT services, Abbey is a great tool for you to reduce time spent on simple tasks. Instead, your teams can focus on what makes your business tick and addressing the needs of your users. This will allow you to cut costs across the board, improve security, and ensure you meet compliance regulations for your region. Abbey is a fantastic tool for businesses looking to streamline their daily IT needs and expand their business!

The Impact

For any business, large or small, the impact AaaS through Abbey will be equal. IT automation and RPA services can drastically alter how a business approaches their IT needs and how their IT staff handles daily tasks. As a business process support Abbey does more than provide automated ticketing, she can resolve a vast majority of daily tasks, and she’s only improving with time.

Cutting costs and decreasing time spent on repetitive processes will allow a business to expend time and resources on improving their business and drawing in new clients. Adding more security and ensuring compliance will protect businesses from unexpected fines and regulations. As time goes on Abbey will continue to improve and she will shoulder more of the daily IT needs of your business.

If you want to know more about Abbey or how Buchanan can simplify your daily IT needs and cut IT costs across the board, visit our website! We will be happy to explain how we can implement Abbey in your IT environment or how our remote IT services can complement AaaS throughout your organization.

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