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Buchanan partners with enterprise level organizations who are looking to adopt a cloud structure as a service to replace their current data center. Buchanan offers a best in breed IaaS model by partnering with two of the top platforms available on the market today. 

Whether you are looking for a fully managed migration for your current infrastructure, a disaster recovery solution, or need a cloud assessment to get you started, Buchanan is your one stop IaaS provider to handle every step under one roof – one project manager and one invoice. Our architects will build a solution that is right for you in full migration, or a hybrid approach. We assess the architecture, implementation needs, and migration processes to recommend a platform and the services you need to design a high impact solution around IaaS, with complete integration of your on premise environment, while staying seamless to the end user.

Partnering with leading cloud providers – Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and AWS – our resources can customize managed IaaS solutions that meet your business needs.

IaaS Provider

IaaS Discover

As an IaaS company, we will define your end goals and gain a complete understanding of your current architecture including:

  • Identifying and understanding current infrastructure needs, and business requirements.
  • Understanding key application requirements and restraints around data access.
  • Understanding security issues.
  • Understanding Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

IaaS Design

Our IaaS company designs a master plan for your infrastructure from the ground up:

  • Identifying all connectivity requirements.
  • Identifying network architecture and security.
  • Recommending the cloud solutions and tools best suited for your environment.
  • Determine the best approach for privacy based on your needs: Completely private, hybrid, or completely public environment.
IaaS Design
IaaS Develop

IaaS Develop

As a top-tier IaaS provider, we follow a proven methodology. In the development stage, we build, deploy, and integrate with all current systems. As well as offer migration support using best-in-breed migration tools that work directly with your technology needs of your environment and drive the processes that lead you through the migration.

IaaS Manage

As a fully managed IaaS provider, once your infrastructure is developed and moved into the cloud, Buchanan can manage all or part of the environment, including complete monitoring, maintenance, patching, and planning for ongoing growth on a monthly basis.

IaaS Manage

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