Secure Email Gateway Services

Reduce business risks by eliminating malicious email

The Importance of Secure Email Gateway

At least 80% of successful cyber attacks originate in an employee’s email, a statistic experts think is only going to grow with today’s dispersed workforce. While security awareness training is a great last resort, it’s best if malicious emails never make it to a human in the first place; after all, we all make mistakes. One of the top ways to reduce risk in businesses of all sizes is to eliminate malicious emails by way of a Secure Email Gateway (SEG) that is expertly managed by veteran email security engineers. How does Buchanan provide a secure email gateway?

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Features of Secure Email Gateway Services Provided by Buchanan

The average business has dozens upon dozens of security tools to worry about. Trust Buchanan to manage your most important tools for you. With a fully-staffed Security Operations Center, Buchanan provides 24/7/365 support for our managed SEG clients.

This support includes an initial consultation to understand your business goals and environment, implementation support and even full implementation for our managed services customers, configuration changes and updates, and alert response by our Quick Reaction Force.