Oracle E-Business Suite High Performance Configurator Publish

Accelerate time-to-market for your products

Benefits of Buchanan’s High Performance Configurator Publish Solution

Buchanan’s unique configurator publish solution eliminates the restriction to publish only one product change at a time. Parallel and bulk processing eliminate performance bottlenecks, speeding up product launches and updates and increasing your team’s productivity.


Our techno-functional team is comprised of 250+ engineers, specialists, consultants, managers, and executive leaders that understand key technologies and processes – including software, integrations, and applications – and how they impact your business.

Our Industry Experience

We have experience supporting a variety of industries in their Oracle journey and understand how to effectively manage complex environments. 

Eliminate Bottlenecks and Go to Market Sooner

Buchanan’s High Performance Loaders solution uses advanced in-memory processing to perform data transformations to enhance data quality and performance. Our unique batch loading algorithms improve throughput by using advanced in-memory and bulk processing logic.

Make Your Publishing 10x More Efficient

Enhance Performance

The Buchanan Configurator Publish solution uses bulk and in-memory processing in place of row-by-row processing, thereby reducing latency and publish times as well as improving scalability and efficiency.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Eliminating serialization means that your product team doesn’t wait for their changes to be applied to the system. Our batch program runs asynchronously and in parallel with other publishes so users can continue with their other tasks.

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