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Scalable and Secure Solution for all Your Asset Management Needs

We provide multiple high-security, climate-controlled locations with pre-staging and onsite services for your specific hardware storage and business process needs. Our Depot Services team manages your asset inventory, provides the necessary supporting services including receipt and documentation of hardware, procurement of additional hardware needed, asset and network configuration as required, storage, packaging and shipment, and reporting. Our facilities offer secure cages, security bars on windows and tight asset control, handling your equipment with the same precision you would provide if you had it in house.

Buchanan has been partnering with mid-level and enterprise businesses for over 30 years and we understand provisioning, networks, and security better than most. Our Managed Services experience provides the peace of mind you need to make sure things run smoothly. Words like firewalls, network monitoring, configuration, VPN tunnels, asset imaging and patching are part of our every day language. In addition, our field services team can offer an extension at remote sites as needed by the utilization of our network of technicians that cover all of North America.

Why Buchanan Depot Services?

Using Buchanan’s Depot Services keeps things like repair budgets and end-of-life units to a minimum. Whether it be testing, reconfiguring and repackaging systems to be re-deployed for new users, or marking assets out of inventory because they are end-of-life and need to be replaced, Buchanan’s team of engineers has the knowledge and breadth of experience to lighten your load. We are dedicated to providing a reliable, affordable and predictive model for your business, so inventory management becomes something your team monitors, not stresses about. Recognized by both MSP Mentor and CRN as a full-service Managed Services Provider, we can bring order to your asset inventory and provide great service to your end users and management team.

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Depot Services

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