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Proactively cyber threat hunting in your environment and mitigate risks to your business

Our Cyber Threat Hunting Service Will Help You to Protect Business

Cyber threat hunting is the act of searching through networks and endpoint devices for suspicious activity and potential threats that have evaded detection by other security tools and measures.

At Buchanan, we leverage three separate strategies when hunting down attackers in your environment.

Why work with Buchanan for your cyber security threat hunting needs?

Cyber Threat Hunting
Cyber Hunting

What Clients Say About Cyber Threat Hunting Service Provided by Buchanan

“Buchanan provides 24/7 monitoring and management of our lT infrastructure, maintains our service desk, provides break-fix and technical support, and so much more.”
Vice President
Service Delivery at Real Estate Company
“We use Buchanan as our all-in-one IT partner. They provide our service desk, IT infrastructure monitoring and management, break/fix assistance, and more to keep our organization running smoothly”
Executive Vice President/CFO
at non-profit organization
“They have played an integral role with lT projects including the development of our internal SharePoint site, deployment of our phone system, and providing network infrastructure buildout and implementation for a new office location.”
Vice President
Service Delivery at Real Estate Company
Buchanan was able to implement a backup and disaster recovery solution for our organization which has helped safeguard our data and applications.”
Executive Vice President/CFO
at non-profit organization

Partners That Trust Our Cyber Security Threat Hunting Services

Features of Our Cyber Threat Hunting Service

The average business has dozens upon dozens of security tools to worry about. Trust Buchanan to manage your most important tools for you. With a fully staffed Security Operations Center, Buchanan provides 24/7/365 support for our managed threat hunting clients.

This support includes an initial consultation to understand your business goals and environment, implementation support and even full implementation for our managed services customers, configuration changes and updates, and alert response by our Quick Reaction Force.

Get Support On-Site in 24 Hours or Less

We operate 6+ North American IT help desk service centers, so you can receive assistance 24/7/365, with weekends and after-hours IT support included. 

  • We offer local IT support in multiple languages so that our local customers are able to receive full support in their native tongue 
  • We offer on-site technical support to ANY Zip code/Postal code in the USA and Canada


3 Locations


3 Locations


1 Location


1 Location

Our Cyber Threat Hunting Services by the Numbers

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More than 500 Our Cyber Threat Hunting Experts on Staff Always Ready to Assist

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Buchanan has over 6 Cyber Threat Hunting Centers across North America

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Satisfaction guaranteed with our stringent SLAs for every project.

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Buchanan has been operating for over 30+ years in the Cyber Threat Hunting field

On the Fence About Enlisting Cyber Threat Hunting Service?

It’s evident that every organization needs threat hunting as part of their IT security, but it can be challenging to find trained resources that can properly conduct the exercises. 

As threats mature and become increasingly sophisticated, effective threat hunting takes time and resources, and many organizations simply do not have the money or bandwidth to execute a 24/7 threat hunting operation.

Cyber Threat Hunting Services
Cyber Threat Hunting Services & Solutions

Solutions Based on Our Cyber Threat Hunting Services

More and more organizations are partnering with
managed service providers who can deliver the resources and expertise at a more affordable cost.

Buchanan’s team of cyber threat hunting experts analyzes endpoint event data to identify and validate potential threats and deploy the necessary actions to contain attacks and mitigate business risks.

Get security solutions from security professionals that cover:

  • Endpoint Security
  • Advanced threats
  • Intrusion detection
  • Threat detection with machine learning
  • Threat intelligence

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