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Reduce your risk of cyberattacks with custom solutions from a trusted Toronto cyber security company.

Prevent Threats and Intrusion With Proactive Cyber Security in Toronto

Benefit from 24/7 monitoring and top-quality protection from one of the top Toronto cybersecurity companies.

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Why Clients Rely On Our Cybersecurity in Toronto

“We have found Buchanan’s knowledge and customer service to be outstanding and appreciate that they are always there for us when the need arises. We highly recommend Buchanan Technologies for any IT service needs!”
Kimberly A. Hobby
President, Lafe T. Williams & Associates, Inc.
“We sincerely appreciate the trust and dedication that has come from the Buchanan team around our technical demands and do not hesitate in recommending them to anyone needing an IT service partner.”
Business Relationship Manager
in the financial industry
“Buchanan's support gives us hands-off lT management, yet peace of mind knowing our equipment and data is protected and allows us to focus on revenue-generating projects for our company.”
Vice President
Service Delivery at real estate company
“Having Buchanan as our IT partner has equipped us with a wide variety of skill sets and has freed up our resources to focus on driving our business forward. We appreciate their support and partnership and look forward to enhancing our IT solution with them in the future.”
Corporate Sales Operation Director
in the automotive industry
“The Buchanan team is very important. I’m a one man team, so everything we do is running through them.”
Director of IT
Small/Mid-Size Company
“We appreciate how Buchanan is focused on taking the burden off of my team for more mundane tasks.”
Director of IT
Enterprise Organization

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Local Leaders Trust Buchanan for Cybersecurity in Toronto

An Overview of Our Toronto Cyber Security Company

Personalized Security Solutions

Ensure your IT infrastructure is protected against the latest security risks with complete coverage from one of the leading cyber security companies in Toronto, Canada

Our security specialists will provide you with a complete solution that includes:

  • Prevention of data loss
  • Email security protection
  • 24/7 monitoring services
  • Security awareness training for employees

Enhance your cyber defences with proactive protection from one of the leading cybersecurity firms in Toronto, Canada.

Mitigate Security Coverage Risks With Trustworthy Cybersecurity in Toronto, ON

Stay ahead of the latest cyber threats by partnering with a top cybersecurity company.

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Maintain Business Continuity With Reliable Disaster Recovery Services

The longer it takes for your data to be restored after a cyber attack or natural disaster, the more productivity and revenue your company could lose.

Expedite your recovery processes with proactive security services from one of the most qualified cybersecurity companies in Toronto.

With Buchanan as your partner for cyber security in Toronto, you’ll benefit from routine data backups stored off-site and annual disaster recovery testing. 

Our team prioritizes rapid recovery times to help you maintain regular business operations with minimal interruption.

Expedite Cyber Threat Identification With Managed Threat Hunting Services

Discover potential cyber threats before they can impact your business with real-time IT consulting services from one of the most experienced Toronto IT security companies.

  • Indicator of Compromise-Based Threat Hunting
    Our cyber security specialists actively search your entire IT stack and data logs for known identifiers.
  • Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) Threat Hunting
    We use MITRE ATT&CK® guidelines to monitor and search your entire infrastructure for evidence-based attacks. Our Tier 2 threat hunters think like cyber attackers to identify potential vulnerabilities.
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)
    We identify and remediate malicious activity within your systems by proactively searching for potential threats before they can impact your daily workflow.
Toronto Cyber Security
Cyber Security in Toronto

Protect Your Business With Interactive Security Awareness Training

As one of the leading cyber security companies in Toronto, Ontario, we believe that educating your employees about cyber security today leads to a better tomorrow for your business. 

Our experts teach your employees about proper internet protocols, how to identify ransomware and potential phishing attempts, and the necessary steps to take when they discover something harmful. 

We reinforce our training with interactive modules, baseline testing, and gamification to ensure your team never falls victim to cyber attacks.