Automation in the Workforce

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One of the great gifts of technology is doing those repetitive and routine tasks that humans don’t want to do. This process of automation has saved us from all kinds of unenjoyable or annoying tasks: auto-fill passwords, auto-renewal of important subscriptions, etc.

And, naturally, business owners are leveraging automation in the workforce in order to generate higher productivity and free up their teams from time-consuming repetitive jobs.

Things like data entry, tabulations, etc., can all be automated away to decrease the time spent by your workers on these tasks that a computer is better equipped to handle, completing them faster and more accurately.

Business owners understand that by automating processes they can save a lot of time and money – when the automation is executed correctly.

With machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), the opportunities for automation in the workforce have never been more plentiful. To that end, let’s talk about the automation workforce and how your business can benefit.


Automation in the Workplace: The Future of Work

Workforce Automation
Primary benefits expected from automation

Source: Netsuite

We hear all the time about automation in the workplace and how it’s going to change the way we do business.

Here’s just a few examples of automation in the workplace:

  • Customer service chatbots
  • Automated technologies on manufacturing lines
  • Real-time inventory management automation
  • Automated delivery tracking
  • Human resources automation
  • Automated data entry
  • Cloud automation
  • Automated shift scheduling

Examples of automation in the workplace of tomorrow include:

And that’s just the start. It’s safe to say that the automated workforce will own tomorrow’s economy, establishing changes in our work lives (and everyday lives) on a scale similar – or even exceeding – that of the industrial revolution.

McKinsey projects that by 2030, we’ll see a large downshifting of time spent on physical and manual skills and a lot more time going into technological skills – 55% more.

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An article in Forbes predicts that the benefits of automation will be numerous, like increased safety and higher productivity levels across the business.

What does this mean for your business? Well, a company that is able to leverage automating tasks in its workflow can drive down costs and increase margins, ultimately giving you a huge competitive advantage.

Let’s examine some of these benefits more in-depth below.


Increased Productivity

A 2021 Zapier report showed that 94% of workers say they perform repetitive, time-consuming tasks in their role. With automation, you can significantly lessen time spent on repetitive tasks while lessening the risk of  costly human error.

This benefits your entire organization as your employees will spend far less time on routine tasks that don’t maximize their talents and skills and reduce the likelihood of simple mistakes being made..

Automation technology also increases productivity by simplifying workflows and optimizing business processes. Your IT partner can evaluate your current workflows and processes and help you determine intelligence-based tasks versus repetitive tasks.

From there, they can help you identify, implement, and test the most relevant technology, tools, and resources for your workforce.

What’s more, automation can help prevent the creation of expensive silos, where one team does a task “their way”, creating a variety of conflicting processes across your business and ultimately creating friction and barriers to collaboration.

Whether you’re needing to better utilize data from your CRM platform, improve the customer or employee onboarding experience, or adjust employee workloads, automation can help.


Decreased Costs

Another benefit of automation in the workplace is its ability to save companies money. Instead of paying a full-time employee a salary, benefits, and ongoing training to complete essential tasks, they can instead be done more efficiently by a system with high accuracy.

Even if you weren’t to hire new employees to do manual tasks, it saves you money by negating the need to pay skilled workers to do the same low-value tasks when they could instead be using their valuable time on revenue-generating projects for the company.

In summary, automation lowers overhead costs while improving efficiency and allows internal teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

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Improved Customer Service

With so many options available to consumers today, the user experience has never been more important, and one key component of maintaining positive customer interactions is by providing excellent customer service and technical support with automation.

Today’s customers appreciate it when they can self-serve to solve their own problems and when they get answers to their questions in a few minutes (without having to wait on hold). With automation, you can easily point customers to self-service options and even guide a bot to answer simple questions, allowing your customers to get faster resolutions.

But customer service automation doesn’t mean you have to completely throw out all agent-based interactions; in fact, automation is much better as a supplemental service to the human components in your support strategy.

Automation helps your agents stay efficient by eliminating steps and allowing them to focus on more complex and high priority issues and being more friendly, helpful, and effective at the first customer interaction.


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Automation Workforce

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