Application Development Services

Our team of experts can help you design, develop, and implement a world-class application that is tailored to your specific business requirements with our industry-leading software application development services.

Custom Application Development Solutions for Your Business

Whether you are looking to design a new application or extend or customize an existing application, we can help you with applications development services that deliver superior results.

Why choose Buchanan for your application development needs?

Digitally Transform Your Organization

Business operations and consumer expectations are becoming increasingly complex and rely on digital channels and processes more than ever before, including applications. 

Because of this, customization has become a key component of any successful Microsoft application development.

Buchanan’s application development consulting team specializes in the design and development of world-class mobile apps that are tailored to your business’s requirements and support mission-critical systems.

Achieve Your Business Goals With Custom Application Development

We understand that mobile applications are not a one-size-fits-all tool and that goals and use cases vary among verticals. 

Whether it’s a manufacturing company needing an asset tracking app, or a healthcare institution looking to build an application for their patients, a wide ranging list of businesses and industries trust our custom app development services.

Using our proactive methodology for project management, we bring together our application development, data management, and integration expertise to deliver end-to-end application development solutions for any industry. 

Trust our development teams to create custom applications that enhance user experience and engagement. Our wide-ranging experience covers iOS, Microsoft, and Android app development.

Our Industry Experience

We have experience supporting a variety of industries in their Oracle journey and understand how to effectively manage complex environments. 

See What’s Included With Our Application Development Services

Application Development Consulting

During this discovery session, we get to know more about your organization – including everything from current processes to your customers to overall business goals. 

This information will help our application development teams develop the right features from the get-go and ensure your web applications deliver a superior user experience.

IT Support for Education: Schools, Colleges and Universities

What Clients Say About Buchanan's Application Development Services:

"I want to say a big thank you for your work with the 19c DB upgrade and data center migration projects. Both projects were handled very well with high level of professionalism. We appreciate all the flexibility your team offered with changing dates and other obstacles. These projects would not have been as successful as they were without Buchanan's expertise and dedication. Thank you again for all your help and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future."
Director, ERP Applications in the manufacturing industry
"We want to thank you for your help with our successful R12 upgrade! Not only did we finish the go-live in time, but we managed with few business disruptions. Buchanan's hard work and efforts are very much appreciated. The dedication that each of you has shown to the project and all your accomplishments are highly valued by our company."
Information Technology Director in the electronics industry
“We signed on for a two-week engagement and soon into our partnership, their depth of knowledge and skills got results we had never seen before. They can deliver the best user experience solutions. In addition, they really root into the system so that we can customize it in accordance with our needs."
Fortune 500 electronics company
“Buchanan's vast knowledge of the Oracle technologies and performance implications across the product suite is inspiring! Ahmed is the most credible technical authority for anything performance-related on the database, application server and applications at Oracle.”
Principal Performance Engineer, Oracle Corporation
“After eight months of working with various vendors, Buchanan was engaged and solved the issue in two days.”
Director of global financial institution
“We struggled with a production issue for more than 6 months, resulting in frequent outages. After engaging Buchanan, the issue was resolved in a week.”
Leading provider of payroll & HR solutions
“Our production ERP system would freeze every morning during peak loads. After trying multiple vendors, the Buchanan team was engaged and determined the root cause in one day; the issue disappeared after implementing the suggested changes.”
Global provider of service solutions to the power generation industry

Custom App Development Services for Your Business

As one of the top Microsoft application development companies, Buchanan provides complete support of critical managed IT technologies that help keep your environment secure, efficient, and available, including custom application development services. 

With our seven IT service centers, Buchanan can provide mobile app design and development services and support wherever you are.


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3 Locations


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