Five Reasons Office 365 is More Secure Than Your Data Center

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Benefits of Office 365

As businesses, both large and small, are moving crucial data to cloud services to take advantage of the numerous benefits that Office 365 provides – one big question remains in people’s minds… how secure is the cloud? As cloud services mature and companies adopt a hybrid approach that includes private cloud technologies, there is a trend where companies like Microsoft are providing more information on cloud security, and it is not as big of a concern as it once was.

This is, perhaps, of little comfort, as all it takes is a single large data breach of a well-known cloud service to stoke fears and move security concerns back to the number one position. We are, after all, only too happy to play “follow the leader” in technology uptake until something disastrous happens.


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Office 365 Security – A Matter of Trust

The very fact that companies are adopting private cloud solutions may be an indication that third party data centers do not engender sufficient levels of trust. Events such as the Dropbox data breach certainly don’t add to this credibility! But what about large companies like Microsoft with a lengthy track history of demonstrable performance and a commitment to security?

After a few false starts in the tech-space of the 21st century from multiple providers, it is no surprise that Microsoft seems to have committed to a cloud solution that is quickly garnering many users. Office 365® is Microsoft’s premier cloud services offering for both individuals and businesses, but more importantly, businesses. Just how secure is your data in Microsoft’s data centers? Is the Microsoft name enough to nurture trust in millions of cloud services users and encourage companies worldwide to finally make the bold move to a cloud infrastructure solution?

5 Reasons Why Your Crucial Information is MORE Secure in Microsoft’s Data Centers

1. Security: Microsoft has made it abundantly clear that they are committed to security. After all, finding their feet again in the 21st century means admitting their mistakes – the removal of the START button and then putting it back, anyone? – and actually fixing important things like security. The multi-factor authentication that Office 365 uses across all services means that it is more secure than most other cloud services.
2. Control: As more and more of our personal information is shared across the web, we have all asked for more control over who is able to see our details. Office 365 includes a suite of controls that allows users to customize who can and cannot see their information.
3. Back-ups: The importance of backing up data cannot be stressed too heavily, which is why Microsoft have included regular data back-up services in Office 365.
4. Automation: A lot of security issues are caused by user error. Whether it is opening an email infected with malware, or accidentally revealing personal data, Office 365 addresses many of these problem areas by automating many simple tasks and cutting down the risk of user error.
5. Disaster Plan: While many companies still opt to use their own private data centers, they often do not have a recovery plan in place. By contrast, Microsoft not only offers regular data back-ups and enhanced security in the form of multi-factor authentication, but run ISO certified data centers that DO have disaster recovery plans in place.

What seems clear is that Microsoft is firmly “back in the game” with their Office 365 cloud services offering. A focus on enhanced security and listening to customers and stakeholders means that Office 365 has a bright future.

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